Dear Parents of 8th Graders,

Each year, the WAAS yearbook dedicates a full page to each 8th grade WAAS student, in addition to your child’s regular 8th grade portrait.  (The 8th grade portrait taken at WAAS will be displayed on the 8th grade page, therefore, it does not need to be included in your collage.) We would like to ask each 8th grade student’s family to help us prepare your child’s special WAAS yearbook page.

Essentially, you will be creating a collage or scrapbook page for your child’s yearbook page:

· Select a program of choice (Canva (free online!), Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.  Use any program you are comfortable with.
· Place your photos/comments in it (please make sure to include your child’s name) Finished page should be a typical 8.5”x11”
· Save document as a high resolution file

If you would like to see samples of pages that have been done in the past, we have a collection of the year books in Mrs. Upton’s office.  The best resource we have found, however, is to google “Senior Yearbook Page ideas.”  Basically, this is a tribute to your child.  A collage of pictures, well wishes, words of wisdom and maybe even some gushy phrases to tell them how very much they are loved.

We do have several students that are very creative and would be willing to design something for you if you give them the verbiage and the pictures.  Please feel free to email me or any of the yearbook committee/staff if you have any further questions.

If you could please send your student yearbook page via email to the Yearbook Staff ( by March 15.  Please be sure to include your child’s name and the words “Yearbook Page” in your email subject.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Mrs. Marsh or Mrs. Upton.

Thanks so much,
WAAS Yearbook Staff