Hello WAAS Families and Students!

I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Stephanne Marsh has accepted the part time Spanish position at WAAS! Since Mrs. Marsh’s parents were missionaries in Ecuador, she is completely bilingual in Spanish and English. Her Spanish is as legitimately fluent as one can get, and her accent and vocabulary are authentic as she learned Spanish before she learned English. In addition, she has communication skills in Portuguese, French and Italian.

Being a licensed middle school teacher, Mrs. Marsh is highly experienced with the TPRS Blaine Ray method that Mrs. Cooper used last year.  She is a strong advocate of this program, and she is excited about using her many acquired materials.

Mrs. Marsh has just returned from a twelve day medical missions trip to Ecuador.
She led a team of 28 people which included her husband and two children, a pharmacist, three doctors, five nurses and two paramedics to the village of Puyo in the Amazon Jungle.

Mrs. Marsh has experience teaching upper level Spanish classes at Coastal Christian High School.
She brings many talents to our school, and she looks forward to working with the parents, students and teachers. You can expect her materials/supplies to be posted on her website by the end of July.                                  

                                                                 Welcome Mrs. Marsh!