Hello WAAS Families!

Thanks to Lisa Giacomelli, I am blogging as a means of updating you on the many wonderful happenings at our great school!

The building is empty and quiet, but, fortunately, I have Chloe to keep me company.  Her favorite spot to sleep this summer is in a chair in my office.  Even now, she is curled up in ball and fast asleep.

The floors in the building have been stripped and waxed, and they are almost finished.  The floors are so shiny that they look like glass.  To help protect the floors throughout the year, donations of tennis balls are appreciated!

Our parking lot is currently being paved.  Although it should be finished today, we can’t travel on it for a week.  If you should need to come to the school, please park off Myrtle Grove Road in front of the fence and walk across the soccer field or along the dirt road.

The Social Studies Hiring Committee has been working diligently to recruit and hire the best candidate for our Social Studies position. Thanks to the many students who participated in the demonstration lessons. The committee hopes to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees soon.   I am ready to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustee for the Spanish position.
WAAS has attracted many outstanding applicants for these two positions, and that is a true compliment to our school.

This year our WAAS apparel will be ordered on line. Once the website is set up I will send you a link to order.  You will directly pay the company,and the items will be shipped to you.  You will also be able to order any time of the year.  This should make it easier for you and more efficient for me.
The website should be ready by the middle of July.

The teachers’ supply lists  are posted on their webpages.  This will help you take advantage of those back to school sales.

Thus far, we have had two summer camps… Mrs. Rasmussen taught a creative writing camp and Mr. Adams led a group from the sea to the mountains.  Mrs. Giacomelli and Mr. Simon still have spaces in their camps.

Our enrollment for next year is at 66, but I am getting calls and interest every day for the remaining spots. We have two vacancies in 6th, one in 7th and one in 8th.

Keep checking the WAAS website and teacher web pages for updates!

I hope you are having a great summer!

Beth Upton