Hello WAAS Parents,

By now, you have probably heard snippets from your children, or perhaps you saw our post on Facebook.  The news that WAAS received a shipment of MacBook Airs is true!

As you can imagine, the excitement in the air at WAAS is tangible!  The hallways are buzzing, and the children are filled with questions.

The Board of Trustees, the Technology Committee, Señora Marsh and I  have been working diligently to find permanent solutions for our technology needs.  As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have purchased devices for every student at WAAS. If all goes as planned, each WAAS student will be assigned a MacBook Air after Thanksgiving break.

Our goal is for every student  to use the MacBook Air for the duration of  his/her time at WAAS.  The student will be able to use it at school and at home; however, since  it is a school owned device, it will be programmed for instructional purposes only.  Senora Marsh, WAAS teachers and I will make that determination.

We understand that many parents have purchased laptops for students to use at WAAS.  That will continue to work to your child’s advantage because your child may still need that device for programs that are restricted on the school device.

Once we have assigned a computer to your child,  personal computers are not allowed in the building.

We are excited about the capabilities, opportunities and security that this new technology program entails.  Please stay tuned for further details and updates.


Beth Upton
Stephanne Marsh