The following students’ Azalea Festival art was recently featured in the Azalea Festival Community Arts Center Art Show:

4th Grade
Sophie Gee   The Flavor of Gardens
Allie Sauer     Azalea in Bloom

5th Grade
Lillie Nichols Waterworks and the Galaxy
Trevor Tate Battling the Night

6th Grade
Poppy Coleman Puppy Love
Sejal Escaravage Watercolor Azalea

7th grade
Mary Katherine O’Malley Sunset Symphony

8th Grade
Samin Bhan  Pieces of Treasure
Lucy Boswell  Bellamy Mansion
Maria Hanna Blue  Azalea Belle
Grace McNamara  A Queen’s Query
Sheel Patel   Avett Brothers
Kate Reiniche   Azalea Bike

Congratulations to these students and Mrs. Errante!

Beth Upton