Hello WAAS Parents!
It is time to organize our WAAS Lego Robotics Team for this year!
Please click on the link to sign your child up for this year’s team.
Lego Robotics is a unique competition that has very important core values.  One of those core values is “what we discover is more important than what we win.”  You can read more about lego robotics competition at:  firstlegoleague.org
–  Each season of Lego Robotics competition has a theme/challenge.  This year’s challenge is Animal Allies
–  Practice would be Mondays from 2:30 – 3:45.  Start date:  Monday, September 26
–  Season would include 9-11 practice sessions. 
–  Cost to participate:  $110  (additional cost for tournament registration and tournament travel). 
 $110 fee per student is to pay for the following expenses:
                 1.  Team Registration for regular season = $225/team
                 2.  Challenge Set = $75
                 3.  Expansion Set X 2 = $240
                 4.  Medium Motors X 3 = $60
                 5.  Touch Sensor X 1 =  $20
                 6.  Color Sensor X 1 = $40
                 7.  Repair Fund = $200
                 8.  Batteries/Rechargeable Batteries = $200
                 9.  T-Shirt/Uniform = $250
                 10. Team Building = $200
                 11.  Miscellaneous = $100
Please make checks payable to WAAS  and  include Lego Robotics on the check.
You may give the check to Mrs. Upton.
-Each team can have a maximum of 10 participants (with the ideal number being 7-8).  We can host multiple teams from WAAS. 
–   Our team would plan to participate in a Qualifying Tournament/Competition on Saturday, December 10.  Most likely location for the tournament will be Central Carolina Community College in Sanford, NC. 
–  Teams can move on to the State Tournament depending on how they score at the Qualifying tournament
–  Additional cost for each participant for tournament registration and tournament travel. 
Thank you!
Hans Olsen
Lego Robotics Coach – Hans Olsen (Anders dad).  email:  olsenh@uncw.edu  phone:  (919) 819-8313