Hello WAAS Families!

The first of three times to order WAAS apparel begins now through the month of June, and delivery is guaranteed by August 1.  Please click on the link below to order. You may pay by debit or credit card, and the order will be shipped to your home.


This is our second year of using this company, and I believe that the delivery will be more punctual. Gilden is the brand of the Tshirts, and they are preshrunk. However, they may still shrink to some degree.  I suggest that you order the same size Tshirt that your child typically wears.  I have some samples in the office, and you are welcome to stop by to try on for size. Please call the office before you come to make sure that someone is here.
 Short sleeve Tshirts are the students’ most favorite.
You might want to order enough to get through the fall and December, and then order for the winter in November.  That might help with the sizing.
Please write your child’s name in the clothing before he/she wears it to school.
Other windows of time  to order:

November 1-15
Guaranteed delivery before Christmas
Feb. 1-15
Guaranteed delivery by March 10
Once the dress code has been reviewed for next year, I will send you a copy.
Please contact me if you have questions.
Beth Upton