In order to help students work more  confidently and efficiently, I have summarized  some main points:

*Keep an open mind and positive attitude.  You Can Do It!  We believe in you!

*Write your assignments in your planner every day.  The teachers have homework posted in every class.  Do not trust your memory.. you have too many things going on.  Cross reference assignments with Jupiter Grades and teachers’ websites.

*Go to your teachers for help when you first realize you don’t understand or have a question
Studying 15 minutes each night will help you to realize and know if you need help.

* Get plenty of rest each night.  School work should be finished no later than 8:30 pm.
Reach out to your teacher(s) or me if homework is taking longer than what the teacher indicates.

*Use class time and Guided Study time wisely. (Avoid situations at school that could be distracting or tempting to get off task.)  Choose a compatible study buddy and/or a structured environment to study.

*Write questions that should/could be on a quiz/test and then write the answers on the back.  Have a study buddy or parent ask you these questions.

*Practice self discipline.. (write in your planner every day and study in advance.. plan to study and work on your projects every day)  Studying in advance and in segments have to be pre- planned, intentional and deliberate!

*Choose the most difficult/longer assignments to work on during Guided Study so that you can use the teachers as a resource.  Choose to do the easier/shorter assignments at home.

*Pace yourselves when taking a quiz/test.. Do not allow yourself to overthink or allow yourself to get stuck on one question or assignment.

*Simply,  Do Your Best and then be proud of doing your best!  That is all any of us ask you to do.  Remember that a student’s  best may look differently, and that is OK as long as you have done YOUR best!  The teachers are I are committed to helping you discover and appreciate your best!

* Celebrate your progress and success!  Only compare you to you!  Baby steps matter, and the learning is far more active along the journey.

We believe in you!
Mrs. Upton