The first field trip of the year for the 4th/5th graders will be to Beaufort, NC to visit the NC Maritime Museum and Carrot Island on Thursday, September 17th.
Carrot Island is a barrier island nature preserve off of Beaufort that is famous for its feral horses and outstanding coastal ecosystem.
After leaving from Stein Mart at Hanover Center parking lot at 7:30 am, they will arrive in Beaufort around 9:30 am.  From 9:30-11:00, they will visit the NC Maritime Museum which houses many of the artifacts found on the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  
Around 11:30 or 11:45 (after eating lunch), they will board small ferries to the island.  Once they are there, they will explore the island ecosystem.  Students will be taking notes of their observations, as those observations will be used in a later project about food webs.  
They will return to the Beaufort waterfront around 2:00 and travel back to Wilmington, returning to the Stein Mart around 4:30 pm.