A message from Senora Marsh, our Spanish Teacher….
Dear Middle School Parents:

It is with great excitement that I get to tell you we are in the beginning stages of planning another County Wide Spanish Spelling Bee for the second semester.  

Our WAAS students did a phenomenal job and represented our school beautifully at Murray middle school on October 30th.  The competition was fierce and none of us, even the teachers, knew what to expect.  The students were so well prepared, the judges were scrambling to pull a new word list together mid competition.  

All of the teachers and students are working on submitting a list of suggestions to make the second spelling bee even better, although, the parents and students all have said that the experience was extremely exciting and worthwhile! We all learned so much!

I can assure you that we are going to be busy as “bees” learning words and spelling strategies to prepare for this next spelling bee.  I was so proud of our students in the classroom pre-preparation and at the competition.  Not only did they study to show themselves approved, they were excellent sports and cheered for their fellow competitors.  I was exceedingly proud.  Thank you for supporting them and me on such short notice in this endeavor.  The students and I are excited about the next spelling bee and look forward to your support!


Señora Marsh