Hello WAAS Families!

I am proud to announce that our MathCounts Team placed Second in today’s Regional MathCounts Competition.  In addition, the WAAS MathCounts Team received the recognition and a  plaque for    “Most Improved School”. (Last year we placed Fifth in this competition.) Four of our students were among the top twelve scorers, thus qualifying them to participate in the Countdown Round: Yasmin Azizi, Zane Dash, Gavin DuFresne and James Wilt.

Members of the MathCounts Teams are: Yasmin Azizi, Emma Johnson, Zane Dash, James Wilt, Ben Siebold, Gavin DuFresne, Varun Varadarajan, Mason Evans, Sebastian Zagler, Varun Srinivasan and Charlie Flynt.

                   Congratulations to the MathCounts team, their parents and Mr. Simon!!!

Mrs. Upton