Hello WAAS Families!

A gigantic thank you to Mrs. Puritis, Mrs. Marsh and the Student Leadership Association for the custom built outdoor classroom project. Please take a moment to enjoy and appreciate the Pergola and 12 benches designed just for WAAS by Three Nails Woodcraft and Design. This project was made possible by the work and participation of our SLA students.  THANK YOU!

Today marks the middle of the second nine weeks.  Grades in Jupiter Grades should be updated today by 3:00 pm. Please remember to turn in documentation for the Community Focus hours to receive credit.

More information about mid term exams for middle school students  will come later, but the mid term exam schedule  has been determined.  Please mark these dates in your planner:

January 10  Science
January 11  Math
January 12  Social Studies

*January 8  LA assignments are due (Regular Schedule)
*January 9  No exam  (Regular schedule)

Mrs. Errante and Senora Marsh will not be giving an exam, and this schedule will not impact the 4th/5th grade students.

Laptops will be issued in January, probably the beginning of the second semester.  Mrs. Marsh will be sending information tomorrow for parents


Beth Upton