Saturday, March 4, 2017 is a day that will go down in infamy at Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences. Battling against incredible odds, our Science Olympiad Team presented a united front and won First Place in the Regional Science Olympiad Competition. There were 23 events, and the WAAS Science Olympiad Team took 1st place in 9 of those events. 39 points separated First and Second place, and 114 points separated First and Third. Captain David Link and Co-Captain Emma Johnson led the WAAS Science Olympiad Team. These two student leaders showed remarkable strength, honor, courage, leadership and perseverance when only 4 days before the competition, they learned that their beloved head coach, Mrs. Giacomelli, was going to miss the competition due to the death of her father. The students could be heard throughout the week leading up to the competition saying things like, “Let’s do it for Mrs. G!”, “Let’s make Mrs. G. proud.” , and “What would Mrs. G do?” Well, it can certainly be said, Mrs. G. is proud and the SO Team represented her and her vision beautifully. 1st Place in the Region and headed to States, there isn’t a better gift the team could have given to Mrs. G than to persevere in her absence.

Congratulations, WAAS Science Olympiad Team! We are so very proud of you.

Please click here to see pictures from the event!

2016-2017 Science Olympiad Team Members

Captain – David Link

Co-Captain – Emma Johnson

Keira Braithwaite

Ian Condon

Mason Evans

Charlie Flynt

Will Golder

Yates Kirby

Kyler Malone

Sam McNamara

Andrei Mistreanu

Anders Olsen

Sahil Patel

Anna Patsalos

Farhan Sanukri

Hannah Schlabach

Leah Schraff

Varun Varadarajan

Mascot and Alternate – Ella King

Head Coach – Lisa Giacomelli