Congratulations to our Science Olympiad Varsity, and JV1 Teams for outstanding performances at the Wolfpack Invitational this past Saturday, against a very strong field of competitors. The Varsity Team placed 4th Overall, and the JV Team placed 6th in a very strong field! Medalists are listed below:


Varsity Team

1st place- 

Crimebusters- Ella Yokubaitis & Annabell Pryor

Reach for the Stars- Atiksh Bhan & Abigail Zheng

Roller coaster- Siena Boldizar & Edward Burton

Tower- Eliza Johnson & Matthew Strickland

2nd place- 

Microbe Mission- Atiksh Bhan & Edward Burton

4th place- 

Forestry- Miles Adams & Edward Burton

Optics- Atiksh Bhan & Bentley Burton

5th place- 

Codebusters- Ben Estrem, Bentley Burton, Will Schraff

Flight- Eliza Johnson & Miles Adams

Fossils- Ava Rivenbark & Lucy Evans


JV 1 Team- 

1st place- 

Fossils-Tilghman Reiss & Elsa Stinson

2nd place- 

Codebusters- Sophia Robinson & Tilghman Reiss

Road Scholar- Stephen Roman & James Richter

3rd place- 

Fast Facts- Libby Williamson & James Richter

Flight- James Collins & Blake Torok

Optics- Abram Baker & Lillian DeVoid

Roller Coaster- Abram Baker & James Richter

Wheeled Vehicle- James Collins


Congratulations to our JV2 Team for finishing 16th out of 66 teams in the High Desert Practice Test. Many of the teams competing were nationally placing teams from last year!

Here are the practice test placements:

Anatomy & Physiology- 13th

Codebusters- 7th

Crime Busters- 12th

Disease Detectives- 13th

Dynamic Planet- 14th

Ecology- 14th

Fast Facts- 9th

Forestry- 10th

Fossils- 12th

Meteorology- 12th

Microbe Mission- 11th

Optics- 9th

Reach for the Stars-10th

Road Scholar- 13th

Write It , Do It- 1st