Hello WAAS Families!

My Hot Lunchbox.com is ready to receive lunch orders.  We have added the ordering information to the website. 
Our vendors for this year are Dominoes Pizza, C Street Mexican Grill and Chick Fil A.  For now, we are only offering lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If there is enough interest for a fourth and/or fifth day, then I can add Tropical Smoothie as one of our vendors.  I will be sending out a survey soon to determine the support for a fourth and/or fifth day for lunch.
Lunch will begin Wednesday, Sept. 2 with C Street Mexican Grill.  Students should continue to bring their lunch until then.
Using MyHotlunch Box.com is intended to make this easier for you and more time efficient for me.  This  company also makes it possible for us to attract and use new vendors such as  Dominoes Pizza and Chick Fil A.  
Reminder that middle school students will be on a field trip Sept. 16.  Please do not order for your middle school child on that day.
Thank you!
Beth Upton