Congratulations to our Varsity, and Junior Varsity Science Olympiad teams on an incredible showing at the UNCW Regional Tournament on Saturday! The Varsity team won the event by 12 points! Our JV1 team came in 2nd in JV (7th Overall), and our JV2 Team came in 4th in JV (10th Overall), out of 36 very competitive teams from Southeastern North Carolina. Thank you to all of our students, coaches and volunteers for making this such a special day, we are very proud of you! The teams were led by top finishers in the following categories:

Varsity- 1st Place Overall!

1st- Forestry– Edward & Miles

1st- Meteorology– Annabell & Lilah

1st- Microbe Mission- Atiksh & Edward 

1st- Optics- Atiksh & Bentley

1st- Pasta Tower– Eliza & Matthew

2nd- Reach for the Stars– Abigail & Atiksh 

2nd- Anatomy– Lilah & Siena

2nd- Codebusters– Ben E., Bentley, & Will

2nd- Flight– Eliza and Miles

3rd- Road Scholar- Abigail & Miles

4th- Crimebusters- Annabell & Ella

4th- Disease Detective- Ella & Matthew

5th- Fossils– Ava & Lucy

5th- Wind Power- Abigail & Annabell

5th- Experimental Design– Ben E., Bentley, & Will 

6th- Air Trajectory– Ava & Lucy

6th- Wheeled Vehicle– Ben & Will

JV1- 2nd Place JV, 7th Overall!

1st- Disease Detectives- Anna & Ira

1st- Fossils– Elsa & Tilghman

1st- Ecology– Blake & Emma

1st- Optics- Abram & Lillian

2rd- Anatomy- Anna & Stephen

2nd- Codebusters– Tilghman & Sophia

2nd- Crimebusters- Anna & Ira

2nd- Experimental Design- Abram & Ira

2nd- Meteorology– Abram and James C

2nd- Reach for the Stars– Stephen

2nd- Road Scholar– James R & Stephen

2nd- Wheeled Vehicle- James C

JV2- 4th Place JV, 10th Overall!

1st- Experimental Design– Takoda & Leisl 

1st- Forestry– Connor & Liesl

1st- Air Trajectory– Ben R. & Isaiah 

1st- Wheeled Vehicle- Liesl

2nd- Fossils– Damian & Elizabeth

2nd- Flight- Isaiah & Harrison

2nd- Pasta Tower– Leila and Macie

3rd- Ecology- Ben R. & Diego

3rd- Meteorology– Elizabeth & Macie

3rd- Optics– Damian & Harrison