Hello WAAS Middle School Families!

For the past two years, our middle school students have participated in the three day/two night Mountain Trail Outdoor School (Camp Kanuga) in Hendersonville, NC. This year, we are providing a different opportunity for our students as we are offering a two day and one night trip to the United States National Whitewater Center (USNWC) located in Charlotte, NC. We plan to leave at 5:00 am on Wednesday, September 16 and return Thursday, September 17 around 10:00 pm.  Please note that Friday, September 18 is a workday.
Mr. and Mrs. Upton
Mr. Giacomelli
Mrs. Giacomelli and I (accompanied by our husbands) visited the USNWC on June 21.  What we thought would be just a quick tour of the center turned into a whole day of  fun and adventure.  There were so many things that interested us that we just had to stay and check it out!  When my daughter learned that I was going on the zip line, she and her husband were at USNWC within minutes to join the fun.  
Mrs. Giacomelli


As you can see, the four of us had a blast with the high and low ropes, water rafting (twice) and zip lines (twice).  We left hot and exhausted, but we learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  All of us kept saying, “our students will love this!”
The cost of the trip should be no more than $350.00 per student. (The final cost will be determined by how many students attend.) This will include transportation on a chartered bus, the one night lodging at a nearby Hampton Inn & Suites (4 miles from the center), two days of AllSport passes (unlimited access to all activities), two lunches, two dinners and a bedtime snack on Wednesday evening.  Teambuilding activities will be built into selected activities on Wednesday.  Students will need to bring money for one breakfast and miscellaneous spending money.
I hope that all middle school teachers will be able to attend, but we still might need a few chaperones, especially fathers.  The cost for chaperones should be less, and they will need to carpool since there will not be room on the chartered (55 capacity) bus.
We are hoping that all middle school students will attend.  While this field trip is intended to be challenging and for everyone “to get out of his/her comfort zone”, we will not pressure any one to do anything he/she is not comfortable with.  We will, however, encourage, support and cheer them on if they show even a little sign of interest. 
 So that we can move forward with our plans, please click on the link below to sign up.

                                                              USNWC Sign-Up Genius
I will send you a packing list, waiver, permission form, medicine list, etc. later. Meanwhile, please visit these links and mark September 16 and 17 on your calendar.  
And yes, we do plan to return to Camp Kanuga the next year (2016-2017).  Our plan is to rotate every third year.  🙂
Mrs. Upton