Happy Friday! 
It’s been a great conclusion to a wonderful week! We started off by analyzing an experiment that did not go as planned. We were attempting to re-create the water cycle; however, it did not turn out the way we predicted.  The students had a chance to problem solve, identify what the contributing factors were and decide how we should adjust the experiment in order to get a different outcome. Today, we observed that outcome, and the students identified the different components and compared each step. They had several good follow up questions and experiments that I am excited to test out next week!
The students also performed a simple reader’s theater on the water cycle, and I will share that with you later since it is too large to fit on this page.  Stay tuned!

A huge shout out to Mrs.Tamadon for sharing the caterpillars with our class. She included a few diagram sheets as well as an informational book that has been vastly helpful for all the students! They have thoroughly enjoyed observing the changes.

I LOVE hearing their discussions. Today, a group was surrounding the caterpillars and making observations when one student discovered a new caterpillar! We had been watching an egg, and it hatched! It has been an incredibly educational and authentic experience that has truly excited the students and me!
We also have begun brainstorming for our first major writing assignment… a personal narrative. The students have picked a topic, and they are working on the pre writing stage. They have such interesting stories to share and it is beautiful to watch their stories unfold.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and I am looking forward to  seeing  everyone on Monday!
Mrs. Hamilton
4th/5th Grade Teacher
Beth Upton