Congratulations to both our Varsity and Junior Varsity Elementary Science Olympiad Teams on outstanding 1st Place finishes at the local New Hanover Tournament at Ashley High School on Saturday, March 2nd! It was an exciting day for all involved. We are so proud of your hard work, and how you supported each other during the tournament! The teams were led by top 5 finishers in the following categories

Varsity1st Place Overall!

Placing for Varsity Category:

1st- Clue in to Science- Bodan & Jet

1st- Fossil Frenzy- Dax & Mira

1st- Metric Mania– Bodan & Mira

1st- Ping Pong Parachute– Zach & Hudson

2nd- Describe it, Build it- Jasper & Tyler

3rd- Just Plane Awesome- Bodan & Jet

3rd- Codebusters– Jasper & Tyler

3rd- Sky Quest- Zach & Jackson

4th- BodyBuilders- Jackson & Hudson

4th- Backyard Biologist- Zach & Dax

5th- Weather Permitting- Hudson and Tyler

Junior Varsity- 1st Place JV, 3rd Place Overall!

Placing for Junior Varsity Category:

1st- BodyBuilders- Zoey & Cooper

1st- Clue Into Science- Ziva & Mary Ella

1st- Codebusters- Aarnav & Ziva

1st- Fossil Frenzy- Alex & Trace

1st- Just Plane Awesome- Spicer & Alex

1st- Ping Pong Parachute- Zoey & Ben

1st- Super Sleuths- Ziva & Maddie

1st- Thrill Seekers- Mary Ella & Trace

2nd- Backyard Biologist- Ben & Maddie

2nd- Describe It, Build It- Alex & Cooper

2nd- Pasta Tower- Maddie & Cooper

2nd- Sky Quest- Aarnav & Ben

2nd- Weather Permitting– Zoey & Spicer

4th- Ecology Experts- Mary Ella & Trace

5th- Metric Mania- Aarnav & Spicer