Hello WAAS  Students!

Tomorrow,  a group of your classmates will lead us in the study of their Indian Culture by celebrating Diwali  (pronounced Di Vali), a Hindu festival of lights held in the period of October to November. We had originally planned to have this last Thursday, but when I saw the magnitude of their efforts, I knew they needed more time that the scheduled 40 minutes.  To make it more relevant, it is necessary to do it this week.

These students and their parents have worked hard and invested a lot of time to teach us about their culture, and I am proud that they are so eager to do so. You will learn how Diwali is celebrated, Diwali fun facts,  Diwali apparel and Diwali foods. Five rotating, interactive stations will provide you with opportunities to actually experience the Diwali celebration.

Please see the two attachments that include tomorrow’s schedule and the schedule of the Diwali celebration.  Students returning to Second Period might also need to assist with the classroom cleanup.  Teachers will be in classrooms to supervise and monitor an assigned station.

Students within this group (see below) should be speaking to you during their respective Guided Study today.  I have asked them to briefly explain what you should expect tomorrow.

This celebration is as important to the Indian culture as Christmas is to our culture.  I am very proud and thankful that your classmates and their parents are providing us with knowledge and experiences that will result in a deeper understanding of Diwali. They have planned and organized this celebration in addition to their regular class and work responsibilities, and they have worked hard to make it a success.

Your cooperation will  help us stay on schedule and make it a great learning experience for all of us.  I thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

Diwali Committee

Manasi Prasad  6th grade

Sejal Escaravage  6th grade

Isabel Garcia  6th grade

Samin Bhan  8th grade

Nami Patel  5th grade

Vedika Gadikota  6th grade

Aparna Dhulipana  7th grade

Avery Fisher  6th grade

Abigail Zheng  4th grade

Mrs. Upton