Congratulations to our Valentines Bag Winners!

Most Creative     Ali King
Most Clever        Logan Tamadon
Most Humorous  Avery Braithwaite
Most Beautiful     Ian Peplow
Most Uplifting      Ella King
Most Dignified     Logan Stewart
Most Organized   Eden Asher
Most Unique        Emelia Stinson
Most Dynamic     Daniel Johnson
Most Effort          Max Wang

Honorable Mention
Jason  Smith    Most Creative
Leah Schraff    Most Creative
Josiah Davis    Most Unique
Jacob Jarrett  Most Humorous
Avery Kievit     Most Uplifting

Yates Kirby (8th) and Logan Tamadon (5th) are the winners for the estimation jars.  Yates estimated 2095, and the number  was 2097.  Logan estimated 329 and the number was 350.  Congratulations!