Congratulations to our 4th/5th grade Elementary Science Olympiad team for coming in First Place in the New Hanover County Schools’ competition on February 29, 2020 . Not only did our WAAS team place First, but every student received a medal. Also impressive was the 47 points gap between First and Second Place.

Out of 19 events, SO team members earned medals for the following places:
First Place 2
Second Place 8
Third Place 6
Fourth Place 1
Fifth Place 2

This is the third year WAAS has had an Elementary Science Olympiad team, and each year the team has grown stronger. This year they made history by earning First Place for the first time. This team’s strong performance and win are true reflections of their hard work and commitment.

Many thanks to Mr. Adams, Mrs. Davis, 4th/5th grade parents and middle school teachers and students who assisted the team during their journey. Parents served as coaches and met with their respective teams at least once a week or on weekends. Middle school students and teachers inspired and motivated these students by being positive role models and instilling school pride.

I am proud of the combined efforts that attribute to WAAS’ many achievements.

Congratulations and thanks to all!

Beth Upton