WAAS earned a “School of Merit” award for the school’s outstanding performance on the AMC 8 math competition on January 22nd.

Atiksh Bhan was the school winner and Honor Roll recipient and Miles Fitzgerald was the school runner-up. Edward Burton, Takoda Lac, Liam Rogers, and Nellie Sica all tied for 3rd place in the school. In addition, Takoda Lac received the Certificate of Achievement for his achievement as a 6th grader.

6th grade class winners are Takoda Lac in 1st, Damian Allder in 2nd, and Macie Miller and Stephen Roman in 3rd. 7th grade class winners are Liam Rogers and Nellie Sica tied for 1st, and James Collins and Blake Torok tied for 3rd. 8th grade class winners are Atiksh Bhan in 1st, Miles Fitzgerald in 2nd, and Edward Burton in 3rd.