The Junior Varsity Science Olympiad Team is amazing!Thank you to all students, parents, and coaches involved with JV Science Olympiad. It was challenging for our students to have 3 or 4 events to prepare for, but their hard work and dedication paid off on Saturday. It was very exciting to share this victory with you. We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Thanks to all the parents/coaches for your time and effort. We cannot do Science Olympiad at WAAS-and definitely not as well- without parent volunteers! You are the backbone of our program.  In addition, much recognition and appreciation are extended to the WAAS JV Science Olympiad Coach, Mrs. Jodi Davis.  She spend countless hours planning, meeting, juggling, shopping, advising, communicating and traveling.  Mrs. Davis is the backbone to the backbone!

There were 9 JV teams competing on Saturday. We were the first place team overall. When compared to all 39 middle school teams, we were 7th place overall, which put us ahead of 25 of 30 varsity teams!!!

Out of 9 JV SO teams, our final event results were:

1st place
Disease Detectives
Elastic Launched Gliders
Experimental Design
Game On (this counted as a trial event for all teams due to technical difficulties)
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Road Scholar

2nd place
Circuit Lab

3rd place
Dynamic Planet
Food Science

4th place
Crime Busters
Reach for the Stars

5th place
Anatomy & Physiology
Density Lab
Water Quality

6th place
Write It, Do It

7th place
Ping Pong Parachute

It has been a wonderful SO season!

Thanks to all!

Jodi Davis, JVCSO Coach

Beth Upton, Director