2023 – 2024 Admissions

Thank you for your interest in Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences. Our Admissions Office is committed to making your family’s experience as personalized and informative as possible. WHEN TO APPLY: For the 2019-2020 school year, application files that are completed by September 28, 2018, will receive priority consideration.

September 18 – 28 Early Admissions Applications
September 18 and 19 School Interest Group Tours Available
September 24 and 25 School Interest Group Tours Available
September 28 Application Deadline for Early Enrollment
October 1, 2, and 8 Admissions Testing 8:00am-10:00am

Files completed after September 28, 2018, will be reviewed on a rolling basis as space is available. For the current school year, applications are accepted for grades where space is available. Please contact the Admissions Office to learn more. HOW TO APPLY: STEP 1 Set an appointment for a tour of school, if this has not already occurred. Call us at 910-392-3139 or email the Director at waasdirector@wilmingtonacademy.org. STEP 2 Complete an Application, Parent Assessment, and Student Essay. Return the completed documents, picture of student, and $100 non-refundable application fee to the Admissions Office. Forms available here: Admissions Procedures 2019-2020 Admissions Application 2019-2020 Parent Assessment 2019-2020 (student essay coming soon) STEP 3 Submit the Authorization for the Release of Student Records Form to your child’s previous and/or present school(s). The Authorization for the Release of Student Records allows Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences to receive report cards, previous testing results, and/or transcripts from the applicant’s previous and/or present school(s). Form available here: Authorization for Release of Records 2019-2020 STEP 4 If your student attends or attended a private school, send two Teacher Recommendation forms to your child’s current or former teachers. Ask the teachers to promptly return the form to Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Admissions Office. (Public Schools usually do not provide teacher references.) Form available here:  Teacher Recommendation Form 2019-2020 STEPS 5 & 6 The Admissions Office will contact applicants to schedule testing once the application is received.  The Admissions Office will also contact applicants to schedule a shadow day once the application is reviewed.       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ADMISSION TO WILMINGTON ACADEMY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Q: What makes your school distinct? A: Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences offers a challenging and nurturing environment for academically gifted and highly motivated learners in grades 4-8. Located on Myrtle Grove Road, we are the only middle school in the area whose main focus is the acceleration and enrichment of gifted and academically motivated students.  The goal of our faculty and parents is to fully equip students to excel in high school, college and life. Q: What are typical entry points? A: Fourth or sixth grades are ideal starting points, but we encourage enrollment at any time.  Since many families move to this area or local families desire a school change, we accept mission-appropriate candidates at any grade level, as space and timing permit. Q: What do you seek in an applicant? A: Admission criteria include: prior school reports and recommendations, admission testing, personal interviews or visits, and indications of an appropriate fit between family and school.  We respect and encourage diversity in its many forms, whether from learning styles to gender or from ethnicity to religious belief. We strive to create a balance in each classroom by knowing the individual attributes of our students. Q: What is your Teacher to Student ratio? A: Q: What is your usual grade and class sizes? A: Q: Is financial assistance is available? A: Yes, but very limited.  Decisions regarding admissions and financial aid decisions are separate, and application for admission must be made prior to submitting any aid forms. In both instances, timely submission of applications and supporting documentation is advised.   Please see current Tuition and Fees. Q: Must I re-apply annually? A: For continued enrollment, no: assuming eligibility to re-enroll (academically, financially) families complete enrollment documents in early February.

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