We put the JOY in learning.

Does your child love learning and crave something more? Does your child dread going to school? Is your child not being challenged?

Walk into any one of our classrooms at any point, and you will see students engaged, smiling, and loving to learn. The joy in our classrooms is palpable.

Because we do not emphasize standardized testing, our students are able to drive the instruction. We offer an environment where students can excel and reach their highest potential.

Rather than sitting still at a desk, completing worksheets, our students are conducting experiments, engineering, creating…all while learning at a pace that matches their intellect.

WAAS is the only school in Wilmington dedicated solely to the gifted, talented and highly-motivated student.  Come check us out. You and your student will love what you see.


Student Leaders at WAAS

Permission given to share by 8th grade David Link... I have been in Science Olympiad for three years, and I have earned the team captain title. Back in December of last year, we participated in an invitational which helped us prep for the Regionals event which was...

WAAS Dress Code Trial Period

This year WAAS will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and, since its beginning, there has been a dress code.  A committee of WAAS parents is reviewing and evaluating our current dress code to verify that it remains fair to all students and is aligned with our mission...

Director's Corner

“WAAS is awesome because it is so interactive! We are always out of our seats doing hands-on activities instead of worksheets. I love coming to school because I am challenged every day. I love my school.”

~Sarah Kate B., 4th grade student~