Hello WAAS Families!

I hope you are enjoying this crisp, cool fall weather!  It surely puts a pep in our steps.

Finally, Mrs. Marsh and I have a solution to our unpredictable, unfaithful, slow running Internet service.  After much research and investigation, we determined that our Charter Internet modem needs to be updated.  In addition, we have increased our band width.  Hopefully, the work will be completed Monday morning, November 16.  The teachers and students are to be commended for their patience during this ordeal.  Thanks to all!

Your Annual Fund contributions are at work.  Today, the building, outside sheds and sidewalks are being pressure washed in preparation for replacing rotten wood and painting the exterior during the week of November 23-27, the week the students are out of school.  We will paint the building the same color and the sheds will match.  In addition, we plan to install gutters to get the rain water away from the building.  Through Jimmy Sanderford’s leadership, the BOT has worked diligently to be good financial stewards of the contributions.  Thanks to all!

Reminder to purchase a brick in honor of your child or teacher (past or present). Please refer to the November 12 Blog for more information.
The students really seem to be enjoying our two new vendors, Positalia and Subway. Since Dominoe’s tardiness in delivery has been corrected, I am pleased with the services being rendered by all vendors.

Any student who would like to help those in need through Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard may participate in the activities below. They will earn 6 hours of Community Service time.

Fri Nov 20   2:45-3:45      Meet at WAAS to discuss ideas for a fundraiser
Fri Dec 4     2:45-5:45      Fundraiser activity
Fri Dec 11   2:45-4:45      Check MHB website for needed items, shop for  food at Walmart, and deliver to MHC

Once students have completed their community service, please remind them to complete the survey on line so they can get credit.  Otherwise, I will not know.

Please mark January 26, 2016 on your calendar  for our Parent Seminar on understanding and meeting the social and emotional needs of gifted children.
Please refer to the  November 12 Blog for more information.

I hope you have a great week end!

Beth Upton

Beth Upton, Director