Hello WAAS Families!

Students reading and
discussing Maniac McGee
with Mr.Adams.

What a wonderful week this has been!  It is great to have the students in the building and hear their voices and laughter.  The teachers are getting to know the students as they are establishing their routines and modeling the expectations and procedures.  We are off to a great start!

Many thanks to Jimmy Sanderford for his hard work and continuous efforts in getting our parking lot paved and our grounds landscaped.  Jimmy is our BOT representative for the Grounds Committee, and once he assumed this position, he hit the ground running.  The teachers and I are thrilled with the results, and, based on your compliments, you parents are thrilled as well.

Our middle school field trip for USNWC Sept. 16-17 is a definite, and fifty-one middle school students will be participating.  Five teachers and seven parents are serving as chaperons.  More information and forms will be sent to parents on Monday.

  Ask middle school students what making
chocolate chip cookies has to do with the
Scientific Method?
Students working on a prewriting
activity in Mrs. Adams’ class.

Today at recess, Mr. Adams, along
 with students, is patiently
waiting his turn to shoot basketball.

 Please remember to link your Harris Teeter card to WAAS. This is a great way to help us earn money for our school.  If you have other children at different schools, then you may link to those schools as well.  Also, please save your box tops and send them in to me.  This is another great way    to earn money for our school. Please encourage grandparents, neighbors, friends and other family        members to link to Harris Teeter and save box tops for us!

Do you need some tasty and healthy inspiration for feeding your family? Nancy Dawdy, GSG Life Independent Instructor, will provide samples and ideas of how to add nutritious plant foods into your family’s life at our October’s First Friday on October 2 at 8:00 am.   Studies show that, “Eating plants prevents disease.” One of the best ways to get plant-powered is with a green smoothie. Nancy will have samples of The Ultimate Green Smoothie that will fuel your child until lunch. Nancy will offer many ideas for filling a lunch box to power up the second half of the school day.

Beginning this afternoon, the second order for WAAS apparel may be placed. The deadline for placing this order is Sept. 15.

Information for ordering hot lunch will be sent to parents on Monday, August 24, 2015.  We will begin the year with Dominoes Pizza, Chick Fil A and C Street Mexican Grill.

6th Grade students are
reviewing the parts
of the head in Spanish today
with Senora Marsh.

I hope to see you tonight at our Back to School Beach Bash!

Mrs. Upton
Information regarding hot lunch orders
will be made available to parents
on Monday, August 24.