Hello WAAS Families!

This is another week with great news!  
Congratulations to three of our former WAAS students for being accepted to the North Carolina School of Math and Science.  They are Anthony Caropolo, Jackson Evans and Miles Lee, members of the WAAS 8th Grade graduating class of 2014.   We are so proud of them!  Jackson is the brother of Mason in 6th grade, and Miles is the brother of Sam (6th grade) and Sydney(8th grade).
Yesterday, our building had a TSCA Inspection, and WAAS continues to be in compliance with AHERA since our building was constructed without asbestos-containing materials. Lisa Giacomelli is our LEA/AHERA Designee and a copy of our management plan is on file with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.
Tomorrow will be our last day of testing for students. The students have taken it seriously, and we are pleased with their efforts.
Yesterday, Zane Dash and Kenaniah Ferigo were taped in a minute video for the New Hanover County Health Department for Health Education.  The script discouraged the use of electronic cigarettes.  The director and videographers were impressed with how well they did on the first taping! This will be featured on the Health Department’s website. 
As always, thank you for all that you do to support us!
Beth Upton