Hello WAAS Students and Families!
The company that we ordered Tshirts from this year has asked our students to participate in a video that will serve as an ad on their website. 
Tomorrow, Monday, Sept. 14 during PE with Mrs. Errante, all students wearing a WAAS tshirt will have an opportunity to be in the video.  Since we follow a different lunch schedule on Mondays, the 4/5 graders will eat A Lunch in their classroom and then join the middle school students outside for B Recess. Students ( and teachers) should wear a WAAS tshirt to school tomorrow as we want everyone in the video.
Tomorrow, you will find that an outdoor classroom has been created near the fence close to Myrtle Grove Road.  Joe Oliver, a WAAS Alumnus (2014), designed and built this area this week end for  his Eagle Scout project.  The benches are light so they can easily be moved to the teacher’s discretion.  We are honored that he chose WAAS to perform his Eagle Scout project, and we are thankful of his efforts, time and resources.
A student directory was emailed to you about a week ago. Please check to make sure that all of your information in the directory is correct.  We will make changes and send a revised directory soon.
The Community Focus Committee is finalizing a list of service projects for the students, and we hope to get those to you soon.  For the first nine weeks, we will only require 1 and 1/2 hours. Students will be required to complete three hours of community service the remaining three nine weeks.
In case you see a Sheriff’s Deputy in our parking lot or patrolling the premises, please know that they are here by invitation.  WAAS is  under the Property Watch surveillance, and I invite them to sit in our parking lot to do paper work or make phone calls.  I want them to be visible on our grounds, and I want the students to feel safe by their presence.
WAAS has a Lock down system and procedure in place. The Sheriff’s Department will call the school to  advise a lock down. (If I don’t answer in the office, then it is forwarded to my cell phone.) To be proactive,  we had our first Lock down Practice Drill last Friday.  The students responded beautifully. In the event that we should need to have a Lock down, I am confident that the students know what to do.  Safety is a top priority at WAAS!
I wish you a great week!
Beth Upton