Hello WAAS Parents!

Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences is proud to offer many opportunities and choices for our students. On Thursday, March 1st at *1:00 pm Phantom of the Opera will be showing at DPAC (Durham, NC).  In addition to the show and prior to the performance, we are looking at including a visit to an art or science museum or a college campus in the Raleigh-Durham area that morning. This field trip can include students and families.

Part of the Explorations curriculum this year involves exposure to Broadway musicals. Some of the musicals that Mrs. Errante has chosen tie into the curricula of the core classes. Others involve good examples of stage make-up, which she intends for the students to try! All have great music, and we hope to arrange for some guest artists to perform at WAAS.

It would truly enhance the instruction to be able to see a full length, live performance of a touring Broadway musical. On September 5th, those tickets will go on sale, and we predict they will sell out quickly. Although it is not possible to know the exact price of group tickets until Sept. 5th, it is most likely to be approximately $75.00 per person for good seating. We will need parents to assist with transportation.  You may indicate on the sign up if you can provide transportation for other students.

Prior to the purchase of tickets, we need a commitment before Sept. 4th of all those (parents, students, siblings) that would like to go on this all-day trip. In signing up, you are agreeing to pay for the group ticket(s) that will be reserved for you. I will reserve the tickets, and you can reimburse WAAS directly.  We will notify you immediately of the cost.

Students who choose not to participate will be expected to attend school for the full day.

Again, the deadline to commitment to a ticket for your child (or family) is  Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4.  The link is below:



*only day for afternoon performance

Thank you!

Sandy Errante

Beth Upton