Hello WAAS Students and Parents!

Organizing a media club at WAAS is being considered, and we are determining student interest in the club.  Students in all grades who are interested in communications, journalism, photography and video might be interested in joining the media club.

The intent is for the students to take or receive pictures or videos from WAAS events (field trips, community service events, guest speakers, etc.) and then share on WAAS’ Facebook and TV. Ultimately, we’d like for students to host a news show that would broadcast in the classrooms. Students can write articles or blogs for our website and scripts for the news. This club might require students  to stay after school, but the day has not yet been determined.

Brent Schraff and Mrs. Marsh are willing to assist, but parents volunteers are needed to be main contacts.

Please click on this link to sign up if you are interested.  Please make sure you have parent permission to do so.

Mrs. Upton