Hello WAAS Families!

It was great to see our returning and new families at our Open House on Thursday evening.
The students’ excitement about a new school year was evident as they met their new teachers and classmates and reunited with their returning ones.

As all of us are preparing for the students’ arrival to school this week, I want to share the following news and reminders:

Please remember that the first day of school for students in Grades 4-6 is Monday, August 17, and the students in grades 7 and 8 will join them on Tuesday, August 18. We will run our regular schedule both days. Our school time is 8:00-2:30.

For our new parents, please be careful on Myrtle Grove Road in the mornings and especially in the afternoons for pick up.  The speed limit is 45 miles per hour, but it seems that cars move faster than that, especially around that curve.  Residents in the neighborhoods might also be pulling out or turning in. Although we are making every effort to not hold up the pick up line this year, cars might have to wait on Myrtle Grove Road.  If that happens, please move to the shoulder so other cars on Myrtle Grove Road can pass.

As you are dropping off and picking up from school, please remember that the dirt road beside our building (Indian Cove) is a private road, and we do not have legal access to it. This applies to turning around and parking on the side, even for just a minute.

Students need to bring lunch to school every day in August.   Lunch should include utensils, bottled water, cups, plates, etc. as their lunch requires it.  Please label all lunch boxes, coats, clothing, calculators, electronic devices, etc. with the student’s name.

During the first few days of school, each teacher will help the students organize their materials and supplies for the respective classes.  In addition, we will teach the procedures and  work to make transitions smooth. Hopefully, students will be very comfortable with their schedules and routines by the end of the week, if not before.

Since we are committed to helping our students get better organized and use their Guided Study time more wisely, this year, every student will be given a WAAS planner (agenda).  Since this is an administrative and faculty decision, this is not optional for the students.  Using this planner, students are expected to write down their homework assignments. Classroom and Guided Study teachers will be monitoring and holding the students accountable for using the planners.  Jupiter Grades can be used as a check list or follow up. The student’s name is already placed on the planner, and  there will be a charge of $10.00 to replace a lost planner.

Every WAAS faculty member received training last week and is now certified in CPR, AED and First Aid.

Orders for WAAS apparel were shipped yesterday, and you should be receiving them within a few days.

Please have the students read and help them to understand the Parent Student Handbook, especially those policies regarding  electronic devices, cell phones, dress code, attendance and behavior before their first day of school.  The handbook can be found on our website.

Several weeks ago, I emailed several important forms to all parents to complete and return to me. They are also on the website.   Please send these completed forms by Wednesday, August 19.   They can be given to the First Period teacher.

By adding our new families to WAAS and Mrs. Keating and Senora Marsh to our faculty, paving our parking lot and landscaping our grounds,  we are certainly off to a great beginning. This year promises to be another great school year at WAAS!  The teachers and I are looking forward to working with the children and  getting to know all of you better.

See you Monday or Tuesday!
Beth Upton