Monday, May 7 – All students please bring one flower for each of your teachers and place in the vase on their desk.  Can be from your yard or garden (doesn’t have to be store bought).

Tuesday, May 8 – Parents, please consider leaving a beverage(s) in the Cafeteria for teachers and staff to enjoy.  Ideas could include K-cups, specialty tea, sodas.

Wednesday, May 9 – Parents, please consider leaving a delicious snack in the Cafeteria for our teachers and staff to enjoy.  Our teachers will love it!

Thursday, May 10 – All students please write a note/card to tell your teachers how much you appreciate them.  There will be a basket on each teacher’s desk. 

Friday, May 11 – Cash Collection to Teachers.  Please send any contributions to Patti Ginsberg.   This is strictly voluntary.  Teachers will receive the total cash amount collected. 

Stephanie Ayers

Strategic Planning Committee