Permission given to share by 8th grade David Link…

I have been in Science Olympiad for three years, and I have earned the team captain title. Back in December of last year, we participated in an invitational which helped us prep for the Regionals event which was March 4. Unfortunately, Mrs. G. was not able to make it due to personal reasons. So that meant I had to step up and organize and lead the team. I will be completely honest, this tired me out very easily. But in a weird way, it was good. Anyways, everything went pretty smoothly and I do not think that there were any hangups. During the awards ceremony, I felt honored to earn one of the Top Male Competitors awards. This was coincidental due to the fact that I was “in charge” of the team. I am pretty sure I know who nominated me but regardless, it was great.  We earned 1st place which means we move onto states on April 22. 

To be completely honest, one of my main goals is to inspire others. On of my favorite quotes is “success isn’t just what you accomplish in your life, it is what you inspire others to do.” As team captain, my role is to help and inspire others in the classroom, this may seem like an easy job, but there comes a time when you have to do this to people you don’t necessarily like. This is ok though because you take it as a challenge against yourself, and you fulfill your goals. Another strong characteristic that a leader must have is having the ability to focus when things get complicated. Right now, there are many different topics going on in my life, and I feel that perseverance plays a giant part in my days at WAAS. I will write more about this near the end of the year as it is a very important topic that  I feel all leaders must have to be successful. I have definitely tried my best to leave a good impression on the school. Many people including teachers have told me that it will be emotional when I leave, but the reality is that everyone in our lives must leave.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Senora Marsh!

To all the WAAS people reading this, I wanted to give a huge shout out to Mrs.Marsh as she is amazing. She helped me with organizing, filing, printing/laminating, and she even was able to create thank-you letters the day before! I could not have done it without her! She was also able to deal with my stress and impatient mood.