Dear WAAS Parents,

Last year, our Community Service program was a truly enriching experience for students.  This  Community Service program will continue to be part of the WAAS curriculum with the expectation that each student will volunteer at least 3 hours every nine week quarter. A user-friendly website for students to report and reflect on their experiences will be put in place this year.
We hope to create a list of volunteer programs and contacts from which students can select activities that most interest them.   Some of our parents even sponsored group events (i.e. ringing bells at Salvation Army during the holidays, beach clean up, feeding the homeless, Mother Hubbard’s Cubbard, collecting professional clothing for  job interviews, etc.)
 Do you know of any volunteer opportunities in Wilmington?  If so, please contact me with details. Also, please contact me if you are willing to sponsor a community service event.

Thank you for your support in this endeavor.  Teaching our children to contribute to their community is an important part of their life education.  
Nancy Cunningham
BOT, Community Service Committee