Good morning!
I am so glad that yesterday’s field trip was safe and well!!  Welcome Back!
No First Friday today due to today’s dance party that is open to all grades… Dismissal-5:00pm.
You will see two members of the Sheriff’s Department in our building this morning around 9:00 am.  Please do not be alarmed.  I invited them to assist me in evaluating our building security and review our lock down plan. This is a way that I can be proactive.  We will be checking all rooms and doors inside the building and all outside areas.  Hopefully, we will not interrupt the instruction.
On another note,  I invite the Sheriff’s deputies to routinely patrol our area and sit in our parking lot.  If you should see them, they are here by invitation.   There is never any reason to be alarmed by their presence.
Kate Player, Avery Braithwaite and Farhan Sanukri are state winners for the Young Authors Contest!  YAHOO!!!!  Their names will be on a plaque beside my office door.
Congratulations to Emelia Stinson and Max Wang for having their Azalea Festival Art Work named Honorable Mention!
We will need to eat in the classrooms today due to the decorating of the dance party to begin after school.  2:40-5:00
4/5 Grade   Marsh
6th Grade    Puritis
7th Grade   Cubbage
8th Grade   Puritis
I hope you have a great day and week end!
Thank you!
Mrs. Upton