Good morning!

The following dates have been scheduled for final exams:

Monday, May 11         Science (Biology) 6th-8th grades

Wednesday, May 13   Spanish  8th grade

Thursday, May 14       Pre Alg  6th grade

Friday, May 15            Math 1 and 2

Just like in the past, we will be on an abbreviated schedule for these exams. I will send that schedule out to you about a week before the exams. Not every teacher will give a final exam; they may choose to do something different based on what works best for each class.  The teachers will share their plan with you.

As it stands now, there will be no Math 1 and Biology EOC test available by the state for this year. The WAAS exam in these subjects will be in lieu of the EOC test. The high schools should still honor the recommended high school credit.

If we continue as planned, we will probably finish school earlier than May 29. I will keep you posted once a decision is made by the BOT.

Please contact your teacher or me if you have questions.

Mrs. Upton