Please see the Curriculum Night Schedule for the 4th/5th grade parents. In order for parents with children in the 4/5 class and middle school to attend both, we are starting the 4th/5th at 5:30 instead of 7:00.  We will begin with the math at 5:30 and the 4th grader parents will meet with Mrs. Hamilton in her room and the 5th grade parents will meet with Mr. Simon in his room. At 5:55, the 5th grade parents will go to Mrs. Hamilton’s room where she will meet with all 4th/5th grade parents.
Grades 4/5  Room 109 (Hamilton)
Math 5:30-5:50  (Room 109 Hamilton
Fifth Grade Math  Mr. Simon  (Room 105  Simon)
Fourth Grade Math  Mrs. Hamilton  Room
Mrs. Hamilton  5:55 -6:20
Mrs. Errante  6:20- 6:40
Senora Marsh  6:40-7:00

The Curriculum Night Middle School schedule is:
August 30, 2016
Teachers will rotate to the classrooms to speak to parents for each grade level.
6th Grade  Room 105 (Simon)
Math  7:00-7:10
Language Arts  7:10-7:20
Social Studies  7:20-7:30
Science 7:30-7:40
Spanish 7:40-7:50
Explorations 7:50-8:00
7th Grade  Room Room 102 (Puritis)
Language Arts 7:00-7:10
Spanish  7:10-7:20
Math 7:20-7:30
Explorations 7:30-7:40
                                                   Social Studies 7:40-7:50
Science 8:00-8:10
8th Grade  Room  Room 104 (Keating)
Social Studies  7:00-7:10
Math  7:10-7:20
Language Arts  7:20-7:30
Science 7:30-7:40
Explorations  7:40-7:50
Spanish 7:50-8:00
8:00-8:30  Parents may visit classrooms to enjoy the  displayed work.
We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, August 30!
Beth Upton